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Oct 3 / kkrizka

Broke the Technorati Top 100000

This week marks another milestone of my blog. As of right now, I have 65 different blogs linking back to me according to technorati, which places me as the 86,966th blog right now. This is quite below 100000, so I should be able to keep my rank for quite some time.

If you would like to increase your blog ranking, you can either exchange links with me or order a review through ReviewMe. The reviews are currently priced at $10. You can also purchase an advertising space on my sidebar or in my RSS feed through Text-Link-Ads, just visit my TLA profile for more information. If you have not registered with them yet, you will also recieve a $100 credit as an advertiser to use however you want, so it might be a good idea to try it out!

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  1. Jhangora / Apr 29 2009

    Congrats. My blog has broken into technorati top 200,000 and within a month I would like to enter top 100,000. However, I won’t buy links to get into the technorati top 100,000.

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