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Oct 7 / kkrizka

Custom Firmware Extender 1.7

The extremely useful collection of plugins for the custom firmware enabled PSPs has just received an upgrade. It allows you to take screenshots from within a game, stream ISOs that are too big for your memory stick over the USB cable, reset your PSP without damaging the power button, and access your memory stick through FTP instead of having to connect it to the computer.

The following is a list of changes from 1.6 to 1.7.

  • Configuration file is back
  • Configuration file is simplified
  • FTPd server is back
  • Option to load UsbMass storage at strat-up is back
  • Only one usbhost ISO streaming method for now (NO UMD required)
  • On Screen Display seems to be fixed
  • Video capture via the use of RemoteJoy should work on fat PSP

Download Custom Firmware Extender 1.7 for FAT PSPs

Just place the seplugins folder into the root of your memory stick, and enable it via the Plugin section in the recovery menu. After you have enabled it, press the NOTE+VOLUME DOWN buttons to see a list of available commands.


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  1. XpanD / Oct 7 2007

    Hmm… This’ll help! Thanks :)

  2. XpanD / Oct 8 2007

    Just installed it on 3.71 M33-2, works a charm!

  3. johnnysneds / Oct 15 2007

    get list of options menu screen via vol(-) and note, but unable to use the functions. ‘O’ also is able to exit menu screen??????

    • James Dryden / Oct 22 2009

      Yeh this happened to me too… not sure why. Enabled it and everything but to no avail….
      I’m running 5.00 M33-6 pls help!! Fat PSP course 😀

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