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Oct 7 / kkrizka

Smart Multitasking

University life can be quite busy, with all the assignment and readings piling up on top of each other as they are assigned. Therefore it is very important that the student learns how to manage his time efficiently. One way to do it is by multitasking, however not all multitasking works, because sometimes if you concentrate on too many things, none of them will be done properly. What you have to do is smart multitasking, doing one thing that requires concentration while doing another autonomous task. I am going to list some of these menial tasks that I found in my daily life, so hopefully other students reading this post could adapt them to their lifestyles.


I like to go to the gym at the end of the day, because it is a nice change of pace from all the hardcore studying. When you work out, you do not have to concentrate on anything, because all you do is lift weights or spin a few wheels. This leaves your brain free to do anything. I like to spend this time thinking over everything that I learned today, to let my thoughts sink in, and to brainstorm any papers I have to write. Another advantage is that it distracts me from the actual exercise, so that excruciating 20 minutes on the treadmill goes by just like that. Also if you are behind on any reading, I recommend that you use one of the stationary bicycles, or any other machine that does not involve your body being tossed around like when you run. This way you can comfortable place the book on the control panel, and slowly read it.

Riding on The Bus

Unless you live very far away from the university, and your bus route would involve several transfers, driving is a waste of time. It might be “cool” to drive your own car, but just think about all the hours you are wasting while waiting in the traffic or just steering the car. It is much better if you let someone else drive (ei: the bus driver), and you sit down. Now you are free to do whatever you want, like read a book. I spend my bus rides going over the school newspaper, reading my philosophy text or just jotting down notes about a topic. I have solved several problems just as I was waiting for the bus to come. I have one final hint on this topic: if you bus home when it’s dark, sit in the back. The lights are always on in that section.

Waiting For The Lecture To Start

There is always 5-10 minutes as you wait for the professor to come and start his lecture. This is not a very long time, so you cannot get any serious reading done. However you can easily brainstorm on a scrap piece of paper any ideas that you just learned in your last class. This is a great way to make sure you understand what you just learned, so don’t pass it up. I always carry around a spare clipboard loaded with paper just in case I get one of these sudden flashes of insight about a topic.

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