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Oct 8 / kkrizka

Banned From Digg

I got too greedy, and I flew too close to the sun on the wings of Icarus. Well, at least metaphorically. I noticed an improvement in the diggs my stories received after I started mass digging others stories. As you probably know, this is against their policy as stated by the following paragraph. I got noticed after I wrote a script to take care of the digging for me. In an hour I managed to digg over a thousand stories, and in a day I managed to get myself banned from Digg. I no longer can submit, or digg any stories with my account, which is quite disappointing, because it was my favorite username. I’m still contemplating if I should create a new account, or just ditch Digg altogether. However I’m still receiving any shouts or friend requests that happen, so there still might be hope in getting it back

I am publishing the script I made, because I had a lot of fun making it. Maybe someone will figure out how to modify it, and use it without being noticed by the Digg police. You are going to need one pear packages to make it work for you: HTTP_Client. Just modify the autodigger.php file with your username and password, and make it go. It will first digg your friend’s stories, then the stories they dugg, and finally any general upcoming stories. Just remember, if you get banned, I warned you. It is not my fault.

Download AutoDigger

Have fun with it!


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  1. Slevi / Oct 9 2007

    I think not digging over a thousand stories an hour would be a good way not to get noticed, lol :P. But myself I’m not much of a digg user, it’s not worth it in my opinion. If traffic surges is all you’re aiming for I have had much more success with services like stumbleupon. The principal of for a favor comes a favor goes up there quite a lot as well, stumble someone and they might just as well stumble something in return.

    Making thousands of stumbles isn’t even needed to start seeing an effect, myself I just stumble stuff I like but in return I’ve received quite a bunch of stumbles as well and through stumble upon I’ve received over 15k pageviews already since I began using it.

  2. cindy / Oct 9 2007

    they banned my site too.i am going to downland atodigger.thanks for it.

  3. swollenpickles / Oct 11 2007

    One of my sites got banned because users flagged it as “Spam”. Here’s the url:
    Doesnt look like spam to me! :(

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