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Oct 10 / kkrizka

AdBlock Information Not Putting Advertisers Off

The second story from this blog to make the front page of Digg was my tutorial on how to import a huge amount of AdBlock filters into the Konqueror Web Browser. Most people found that tutorial useful, even if it was a bit ironic, as they pointed out, that I also had advertising on my site (and that AdBlock Filter.G does not include WidgetBucks yet 😉 ). However I pointed out earlier why I do not care if my visitors have AdBlock enabled or not. But one of the comments on Digg stuck in my head. It was made by MBHoy:

How would those who advertise on that site feel about him sharing information on how to remove adverts?

I know if I was looking to advertise there, this would put me right off.

He might be making a valid point, but I still disagree with him. Any advertisements that I put on that site are either impression or PPC based. This means that if someone who doesn’t click ads comes to the site, the impression is just a waste of advertisers money. Since those are the same people that know how to enable AdBlock, wouldn’t you think that I’m actually helping the advertisers save some money?

The only ads that are flat rate are the hyperlink links on the sidebar, and those can’t be blocked with AdBlock as far as I know. Those links are sold through Text Link Ads, who are offering $100 in free ads, or directly though my PayPal account.

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