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Oct 10 / kkrizka

Midterm Week

This is the week of midterms, which means I’m very busy studying for them and I have no time to write good articles. I should be back to writing good posts after this Friday, because that’s the last day I have exams. Actually it is also the first day that I have to write the midterms, because I have all three of them on the same day. Luckily two of them are on the same topic, logic, so I’m not too worried about them. There are a few tips that I want to share that I found useful while studying.

  1. Don’t study at the last minute. During the midterm week you should only be going over the things that need memorizing, like equations. You should study in a relaxed manner all the time, not just cram it into one week.
  2. Attend all lectures. The professors explain the material much better than any book does, and they also tend to focus on whatever the majority of the questions on the test will be based on.
  3. Do a selection of practice problems. The only way you can make sure you understand the material is by applying your knowledge on something unknown. However you should not do all available questions because that is just a waste of time. Select a few random ones, and you will be fain. Only repeat a type of question if you know you are terrible on it.
  4. Stay around after the lecture to listen to other’s questions. Maybe you will pick up something that hasn’t occured to you.
  5. Help others. Help others study whenever you can. This will not undermine your chances of doing better than them, becuase you already have a better understanding and you will be able to apply it to hard unique questions that they will not. Also the best way we learn ourselves is by teaching others.
  6. Sleep early the night before. Being well rested is more important that knowing the material perfectly, because if you are tired you won’t remember anything anyways and you might make silly mistakes on the test.


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    Good luck!

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