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Oct 12 / kkrizka

The Web Hosting Blog

There is a new blog in the blogosphere called the Web Hosting Mind, and as you probably guessed, it’s about web hosting! The author, Alex Melen, is the owner of the T35 webhosting company, so he does have some authority when it comes to this topic. In the last few days, Alex has written several good articles that compared different free web hosts. As a hobbyist web develper, I’m always interested in reading about them, and I found Alex’s angle on them quite original. In one of the articles he compared the free plans of hosts from he 1990’s (15MB of free space, no dynamic pages, no databases, you know the type) to their current plans. Not only he noticed that most of them now have outrageous prices for paid plans, but also many of them aborted or throttled any free plans. The next post that I am looking forward to is his comparison of hosts that support PHP. Many sites already show the overall feature list of web hosts, but none of them go into the details such as the load time, execution time, version, modules and custom restrions of their PHP setup.


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  1. Alex Melen / Oct 12 2007

    Thanks for the kind words! I’m still accepting suggestions for which hosts to evaluate for the php round-up. So if any of your readers have any suggestions, they can forward them along to me at any point before satruday night. I just finished up the test script that’s going to test execution time, etc.. it’s looking good :)

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