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Oct 15 / kkrizka

Building Habbits

It is important for any student to create a good schedule so they have time for both their studying and any hobbies that they have. However following any new schedule is hard, especially that involves boring tasks such as completing assignments or going regulary to gym. When I find myself trying to follow a new schedule, I find that I create a lot of minor excuses to procrastinate further. For example, last week the change room had a light-problem so I couldn’t see the numbers I was entering into my lock. Instead of waiting for someone to fix the lights, I decided to go ditch my new schedule and home early.

The only solution to this problem is willpower. That’s right, you have to force yourself to do what you need to do. However after some time your schedule will become more habbitual and much much more easier to follow, so you no longer will have to something against your will. Just because you went to the gym a few days ago is not a good enough excuse to skip it today. It might not be fun, but the macroscopic effect will be much more beneficial to you.

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