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Oct 16 / kkrizka

KDE 3.5.8 Released

Many people believe that KDE3 development is over now that everyone is preparing for the release of KDE4, they are wrong. Developers are still working on and fixing bugs in the latest stable KDE versions, and they have released KDE 3.5.8 today. This is a maintenance release, and one of its focuses was imroving the KHTML engine that drives Konqueror. I think that this is great, because I find that Konqueror lacks in supporting more advanced JavaScript functionality, which causes quite a lot of problems with many Web 2.0 applications such as GMail (fixed with 3.5.8!).

Even though there are no new break through features, I still recommend upgrading to 3.5.8. Packages for KUbuntu have been already released some time ago

The following is a summary of changes in KDE 3.5.8.

  • Improvements in Konqueror and its web browsing component KHTML. Bugs in handling HTTP connections have been fixed, KHTML has improved support of some CSS features for more standards compliance.
  • In the kdegraphics package, lots of fixes in KDE’s PDF viewer and Kolourpaint, a painting application, went into this release.
  • The KDE PIM suite has, as usual, seen numerous stability fixes, covering KDE’s email client KMail, the organizer application KOrganizer and various other bits and pieces.
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