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Oct 16 / kkrizka

Some Less Known Rules For PayPerPost Sponsored Posts

I have been writing for PayPerPost for quite some time, however lately they have started rejecting my posts more and more often for structural reasons. I have not been doing anything different, so I am not sure why there is such a sudden change in their checking process. Maybe they are trying to get back at me for my tutorial on how to get approved for PayPerPost fast ;). Or they are just doing a more throughout job now. Somehow I think the latter one is true.

The problems that I have been having are just related to the structure of the posts, not to their quality. This means that as an advertiser you are not missing out on anything, it is just that my blog readers might get distracted. The following are the common mistakes that other PPP bloggers might be making. As a blogger you might have gotten away with violating a few of them in the past (I unknowingly did), but when caught it might affect your reputation.

  • Make sure there are no ads inside the post. This includes Google AdSense and inline ads. If you are using the kontera ad network, you might want to give my Kontera Integration plugin a try, because it allows you to disable Kontera advertising on a post-to-post basis. But keep in mind that you can still show advertisements on your blog, as long as they are not inside the blog post.
  • You have to include a disclosure that you are writing a sponsored post. You might think you are being nice to the advertiser by showing your “genuine feelings” if you don’t say they are paying you. However you are violating the blogger’s code of ethics by doing it, which PPP frowns upon. You can eigther to this by appending the PPP badge on the bottom of the post, or by implicitly stating so in your post.
  • Do not link to any sites other than the advertisers. This rule is geared more towards giving advantage to the advertiser than to the reader. The reader might be interested in other links, but if you included them in your post they will just deter them. This rules also forbids linking to PayPerPost itself!
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