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Oct 18 / kkrizka

Graphing Functions Online

Quite often I find myself in the need of graphing a function that I found as a solution to some physics program. I do this so I can gain more insight into the problem, or just see if it makes any sense. But I no longer carry a graphing calculator around with me, so I have to look for some other method for creating graphs while at school. One way to do it is by using online tools, like Plot-O-Matic. However Plot-O-Matic only graphs data points, and not actual functions. For those I use another great tool called the Function Grapher Online that does everything that I need.

The Function Grapher Online is written entirely in JavaScript, so it should work almost in any browser without the need for installing outside packages like Flash or Java. Also it supports many basic features of the graphing calculator, like zooming, range and domain of the X,Y axis, and most importanly the ability to graph several graphs at the same time. The latter feature is very important to me, because I tend to compare several graphs to see how they relate. The improvement that it has over the standard TI-84 graphing calculator is the graphs are color coded so you know which one is which. On yeah, also the graphing is very fast!

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