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Oct 18 / kkrizka

Mac OS X Leopard To Be Released On October 26th

I might not be a big Apple fanboy, but I am still impressed by the amount of unique features that go into the Mac OS X operating system. Their next version, doubed Leopard, will be released in a few days on October 26th (maybe along with a new MacBook model) and it sports an amazingly huge list of new features. The following is a list of changes that I really like. There are many more impressive changes listed on the Apple website, but I do not have time to go over all of them. I really suggest that you look over the new features in the Mail and Calendar applications.

Desktop Changes

I think the best features went into revamping of the desktop, especially the addition of stacks. My desktop gets very cluttered (screenshot will follow later 😉 ), so I have trouble finding the correct file quite often. If Linux had such a stack for all downloads, I would just have to look at it to find the video clip that I just downloaded instead of having to search my whole desktop.

DVD Player Changes

The DVD Player application has gotten an addition that the Linux users enjoyed for millenia, but a simple solution has been missing from the Mac OS X counter part for a long time: the stay on top windows. When I watch a DVD on my computer, I do quite a lot of other work at the same time, but I want my movie visible at all time. Luckily all I have to do is select the stay on top option for the window. Now the users of DVD Player can do the same, all that is left now to do is implement the feature for a generic window.

Addition Of Spaces

This is another feature that was copied over from Linux, but nevertheless it is very important. Basically Spaces are virtual desktops, meaning that you can use your computer as if you had multiple monitors. However only one of the monitors is being displayed at a time, but you can use a simple key stroke to switch between them. The advantage of such a setup is simple; if you have a lot of application windows open at the same time, then it is much easier to navigate between them if you group them on separate desktops.

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