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Oct 20 / kkrizka

Custom Firmware Extender v1.8 Released

My favourite extension, the Custom Firmware Extender, for the custom firmware enabled PSPs has received another update. For those of you that don’t know, the Custom Firmware Extender allows your PSP to perform many actions than allowed by the official Sony Firmware, like take screenshots and change your CPU speed right from the game. The most important change that I noticed in the 1.8 release is that the screenshot function no longer turns off the sound while you are playing a game, however it does seems to take a bit longer for the screenshot to be saved. The official changelog lists the following additions:

  • New usbhost iso redirection method, if a UMD is in the drive, “normal” mode will be selected automatically. If there is none, “oe isofs” will be selected automatically. Note that the “normal” mode seems to have some bugs. It may not work at times.
  • No more save game problems while using usbhost iso redirection.
  • Remotejoy is working again under game. This allows users, in addition to the use of the included remotejoy_gui, to make some in-game videos.
  • Vsh menu hook: you can set some “vsh menu icons” to load a specified homebrew, take a look at the cfe.config file for examples on how to use it.

If you are updating from an older version, then just place the seplugins directory on your PSP memory stick, and restart your PSP. However if this is your first installation, then you will need to do a few extra things. Luckily you can follow this simple guide:

  1. First of all download the package from my servers (or from QJ.Net’s, that includes the source code)
  2. Place the seplugins folder into the root of your memory stick
  3. Go into the recovery menu by holding the R button while powering up your PSP
  4. Enable it in the Plugin section
  5. Exit the recovery menu
  6. Press the NOTE+VOLUME DOWN buttons to see a list of available commands.


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  1. clint / Nov 6 2007

    thanks very much

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