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Oct 20 / kkrizka

We’re Back

If you tried to access this blog yesterday, you would have been greeted with an error concerning the connection to the MySQL database. This was because Freehosia was moving all MySQL database to new server, as I found out after I filed a ticket with them. This scheduled downtime lasted several hours, so I apologize to anyone who tried to access my blog in the meantime.

While I understand that Freehostia did this in order to create more reliable hosting for their clients, I am still quite angry with them. This was a scheduled downtime that lasted several hours, yet no one was notified! There was no email to the clients, or no announcement on their forums. I think that if you are a going shut down one of your main services, at least give us web developers a heads up so we can warn our visitors why some parts of the site are not working.

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