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Oct 21 / kkrizka

North American PSP Game Releases – Week Of October 21st

PSPFanboy has a weekly feature where they list the PSP games that are going to be released during the following week, and I am a bit fan of it. However they only provide a link to the Amazon sales page for the game, without any additional information. Since I do not know many games, most of the games listed are unfamiliar to me, so I have to search GameSpot and IGN for a description to see if the game is worth purchasing. I’m quite sure that others are doing the same, so I decided to start listing the upcoming releases on my blog along with a description and links to more reviews.

The game that I am most looking forward to has to be The Sims 2: Castaways, because I like RPG based games. However The Sims series for the PSP is plagued with terrible in-game problems such as long load times. Also Warriors of the Lost Empire looks like a good game. Even though the screenshots show terrible graphics, for me it is the in-game experience that matters the most and I am still searching for the perfect RPG game for my PSP.

Castlevania: The Dracula X ChroniclesSide Scrolling Action GameRating: 7.3
The legendary action game Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (the “lost” chapter never seen before outside of Japan) is reborn on the PSP system with incredible 3D graphics and timeless side scrolling gameplay in Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles. Gamers take up the Vampire Killer whip as Richter Belmont as they seek to destroy the maniacal Dracula once and for all in this pivotal piece of the ongoing Castlevania saga. Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles also includes unlockable versions of the original Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night games, delivering incredible gameplay and value while updating two of the most beloved video games of all time for a new generation of gamers.

Napoleon DynamiteCollection of Mini-Games

Step into the moon boots of Napoleon Dynamite and relive some flippin sweet movie moments like dancing to Z-Kwon, throwing the pigskin a quarter mile with Uncle Rico, smashing piñatas with Pedro and many more! Napoleon Dynamite brings 30 mini games for the PSP that really need you to use all your good skills to pass… even your bow-hunting skills for when you’re hunting Wolverines with your uncle in Alaska! So hurry up and play already and all your wildest dreams will come true. Gosh!

The Sims 2: CastawaySimulation
Help your Sims survive and thrive on an uncharted island in The Sims 2 Castaway. Players will begin their journey by helping their Sims build a life from scratch after washing ashore on a deserted tropical island. Become the ultimate survivor and overcome the forces of nature while helping your Sims discover clues that will lead them back to civilization! By discovering the many useful treasures and ancient mysteries hidden deep within a diverse jungle, your Sims will discover all the things that island life offers including plants, fruits, wildlife and more! From tattered clothing to sunburned skin, your Sims will change as they take on the many challenges of tropical island life and learn to survive in style. Create a new life for your Sims on an uncharted island in The Sims 2 Castaway!

Warriors of the Lost EmpireAction RPG
A kingdom has fallen. An empire is in ruin. When all hope seems lost, four heroic warriors have risen to revive a lost city. Raid the dungeons and seek out the evil that has overtaken your land and bring glory back to the empire!

Hack and slash your way through enemy-infested dungeons in this action/RPG hybrid. Gather items and raw materials to craft awesome alchemic weapons to defeat your enemies. Find rare and hidden treasures, learn powerful new techniques and spells, and vanquish the evil that is plaguing your kingdom.

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