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Oct 24 / kkrizka

Free Games for Linux

Mike Deihl wrote an article for the Linux Journal listing free games for Linux. The list included many games that I have not heard of before, but also a few that I have played before and found quite enjoyable. These games include Battle for Wesnoth and War Zone 2100. So I decided to write a short review on each of these three games from the view point of a student (most of us are gamers đŸ˜‰ ) to supplement the article.

Battle for Wesnoth

Battle for Wesnoth is probably one of the best fantasy strategy game for Linux. Not only it has great graphics, but also a storyline that could rival many commercial games. The game play itself is quite easy, so you do not have to spend a lot of time strategizing your moves. Also you do not loose your characters as you progress through different maps, because you are allowed to call them back. This means you can concentrate on improving and leveling up your characters without worrying that you will loose them soon. Finally, you can play against your friends through the network mode.

War Zone 2100

Because of its complexity, War Zone 2100 is a great game for the hard core gamer, or a wannabe general. Since you are allowed to design your own tanks, the possibilities are endless and it takes a lot of testing to figure out the right strategy. So if you really like such an amount of flexibility, then you are free to explore the different research paths. However if you are only a passive gamer, this game is not for you. The different maps of the single player campaing took me an hour on the average to get through, and most of the time I was stuck because I researched the wrong technology. Finally I think that the multilayer game play of War Zone 2100 is great, and I have played against my friends over the internet on several occasions. Since you are playing against another human, hopefully of equal skill, it does not really matter that it make take you some time to figure out the best strategy for victory.

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