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Oct 25 / kkrizka

FooPlot: Online Graphing Calculator

A while ago I blogged about the Function Grapher Online, a free graphing calculator available on the internet. It is a great tool that is very simple, but might appear a bit clunky and ugly at times. I believe that it was created by someone in the spare time because a better alternative didn’t exist or just as a proof of concept. However, in the last couple of days I stumbed across a more professional looking (but still free) online graphing calculator, called FooPlot. Not only does it sport a cleaner interface, but it also has features that Function Grapher Online did not have.


  • panning the graphs is much easier with the drag and move interface
  • support for different function types
    • simple functions
    • polar
    • parametric
  • finding of roots
  • finding of intersections
  • 3D graphs
  • export plots in different formats (SVG, EPS, PNG, PDF)
  • sharing of your plots through URL’s

There are a few features that I am missing though, and hopefully will be implemented sometimes in the near future. For example, it would be great if I could enter more than 5 functions. Also tools for finding maximums and minimums would be much appreciated, and probably not that hard to implement too.

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