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Oct 25 / kkrizka

Win A MacBook With The Advice Network Blog Writing Contest

I have recieved an email from Alex of the Advice Network informing me about the writing contest that his blog is hosting. The following is his description of it:

We are looking for professionals and enthusiasts to write advice articles for the average person in three main categories, real estate, weddings, and running a business.

The winner of the best advice article will receive a new MacBook laptop. And just for entering, the your article receive a 4-month vendor listing on, absolutely free. There is no fee to enter the contest, and we don’t require anyone to purchase a vendor listing.

The Advice Network constist of a group of professionals and vendors who are willing to give advice on specialized topics to their peers. Also they allow vendors to post articles describing their service in a highly searchable databse, and they will recieve sent qualified leads of buyers looking for their services.

I will not be entering the contest, because I do not know much about any of the topics that he is asking for, but the contest prizes seem like a really great, so I recommend that those who are in the know write something. I have entered writing contests in the past, and they were loads of fun. So even if you don’t win, at least you will have a great experience!

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