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Oct 31 / kkrizka

SuperKaramba Trash Can

I was looking over the SuperKaramba widgets available at the KDE Look website, and I found a really nice widget that fit well with the desktop. It is called KDE trash, and it is a big trash can for your desktop. That might not sound too useful, and it is not, however the themes that it comes with look great and the scripting allows for animation. Plus it’s easier to trash files by drag-n-drop, because the target is now much bigger. I have modified it a bit in order to fix a few bugs (see below), but the credit for the original work goes to xapek.

The problem that I found is that the widget does not work when you delete several files at the same time. It gives an error that the “file doesn’t exist”, because it treats the path as a single file, not a list of two files. Also if the trash directory (~/.local/Trash/files) does not exist, it will throw an error. I have fixed both of the bugs, and you can download my revision right here:

Download KDE Trash 2.1kk


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  1. Yves / Jan 20 2008

    Hi, i’ve included your Changes in my Version.
    Please note that i havent a running KDE yet so i cant check the changes.
    Thank you for your work!

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