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Nov 1 / kkrizka

TNX: A Better Alternative To TLA For Small Sites

I have stumbled across the TNX ad network, and after a bit of work I have managed to get it integrated into my blog. The advantage of their network is that their marketplace is much better organized, and so allows the advertisers to discover your website faster. They already have over 30000 users, who altogether created over 30 million sites. The entire service is still in beta, so you should expect a few bugs to prop up now and then. However they are fixed promptly, and you experience will not be affected.

The entire system is based on TNX-Points, you get points for publishing ads or you spend points to buy advertising. Of course, you can always trade in the points for hard cold cash. I think that this is quite a good system, because it allows publishers to become advertisers, and vice versa without the need for multiple wire transfers. Another way to increase your points is by taking part in their affiliate program, where you gain 13.5% of the points earned by your referrals and 5% of all revenue they get from the advertisers you referred.

Adding your site is quite simple, just register and click the “Add Site” button. The questions you will be asked are quite simple, so you will be done in a few seconds. It will take around 2-3 days for your site to become approved. I think that the fields you have to fill-in could be optimized a bit more. For example, you have to re-enter your email address every time even if it is the same (which it probably will be) as the one you registered with. Also the categories are bunched in too close together, so it is hard to find a specific choice to fit you. The best category that fit me as “Wed Development, SEO and Marketing”, because I like to blog about web development. However none of the other parts even come close to describing this blog. But as I said, they are still a new service, so they are in the process of constant improvement! You can sign-up here.

TNX takes care of finding publishers for your ads automatically. All you have to do is specify what kind of sites you want, how many links you want and what rank of sites you want your links to appear on. Everything else is done automatically in the background by TNX. For example, let’s say you need a lot of PR5 back links to improve your own PR, then just tell TNX that you want 1000 links on PR5 sites that have, let’s say, over 300 inbound links. Tadaa! You are done, and you should see your PR increase after the next Google PR update.

Sell links on every page of your site to thousands of advertisers!

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