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Nov 4 / kkrizka

Show Top Commentators As A Widget/PHP Hybrid

A few days ago, James of the Blog-Money-Wiki site left a comment requesting that I add an option for my modification of the Show Top Commentators Plugin that will make it also work with themes that support widgets. After a few minutes, I have created a configuration page in the Options tab of the admin panel and made sure that my theming fix was included. From now on, you do not need widgets to run this plugin comfortably. This release also includes a few bug fixes. You can download the new version here!

Changes Over Original

  • Works with all themes
  • Works as a real WordPress widget
  • Can be configured through the admin panel

Changes Over My Last Release

  • Fixed options saving
  • Fixed reset period option
  • Added theming fix to PHP version
  • Added configuration page to Options menu

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the Show Top Commentators plugin
  2. Place it into the wp-content/plugins directory of your blog
  3. Activate it through the Plugins menu of the admin panel
  4. Add the plugin to your template
    • If you are using the widget functionality, just go to Presentations->Widgets in the admin menu, and add it as any widget.
    • If you are editing your WordPress theme manually, just place the following code where you want the Show Top Commentators to appear

      <?php show_top_commentators(); ?>


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  1. BONTB / Nov 6 2007

    Thank’ you it works great i really appreciate that !!!

  2. James / Nov 8 2007

    Thank you for implementing it, I’m going to install it on my site (on the right column, in a collapsing DIV) next time I work on my blog.


  3. Karol Krizka / Nov 9 2007

    Great you find it useful! If you have any problems with it (or suggestions), fell free to contact me!

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