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Nov 6 / kkrizka

Spring 2008 Courses

My course registration appointment for SFU’s Spring 2008 semester was at 7:30 AM yesterday, and after a bit of trouble I have managed to get all the courses that I wanted. The trouble I had was that the “Spring 2008” option did not appear in the drop down menu of the “Add Courses” page in the GOSFU system. It turned out that I forgot to pay the $100 deposit fee, which has to be done at the beginning of every semester. Most of the courses are a continuation of the courses that I am taking right now, so I better not forget everything over the winter break.

I will be taking the following courses in a few months:

  • CMPT 250: Computer Architecture
  • MACM 201: Discrete Math II
  • MATH 232: Applied Linear Algebra
  • PHYS 126: Electricity, Magnetism and Light
  • PHYS 131: Physics Laboratory I
  • STAT 270: Probability and Statistics (through Distance Education)
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