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Nov 8 / kkrizka

Another Web Development Blog

There is a new blog in the blogosphere called the Caribbean Web Development that is dedicated to talk about web development. It sports a clean and professional design, and already contains many useful articles. One shouldn’t get distracted with the word “Carribbean” in their name, because their content has nothing specific to do with that locale. Everyone can find some useful articles on the blog, but the audience that it specifically caters for is the new developers, because it contains explanations of many important topics such as the nofollow tag, Google Webmaster Tools and definitions of many other important internet terms.


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  1. moneytalks / Nov 8 2007

    thanks for link. got some useful info to better our knowledge on blog. now i’m doing some research about blog to put in my site.
    hoping my site visitor could learn about blog quicker.

  2. CaribWebDev / Nov 8 2007

    thanks for the coverage and comment

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