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Nov 9 / kkrizka

AQ Host: Web Hosting for New Bloggers

Every web developer who wishes to run his own website needs to have a good web hosting plan that offers a wide variety of features to suit his specific needs, but these solutions tend to be quite expensive and complicated to setup. For example, your average blogger does not know what unlimited MySQL databases, FTP/SSH access mean. He just wants to pay, and start blogging. That is why many special blog hosting plans are offered by online companies such as AQ Host.

In addition to your standard web hosting plans, they also offer Movable Type and WordPress hosting plans. These plans come with one of the two blogging platforms preinstalled, and other than that they are almost identical to the standard web hosting plans, since they offer the advanced features mentioned earlier, so they are great for the amateur web developer (like me). But also there is a “Starter” pack offered, which is a great plan for starting a blog. For just $7 a month, you will have all the features (and more) you ever need to start blogging. More over there is no manual setup needed, and all changes can be completed with a few clicks in the friendly CPanel interface.

In summary, AQ Host is a good place to start your own blog. Just after a few clicks, you will have a blog accessible from your own domain, so you can start making some money online.

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