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Nov 9 / kkrizka

Does PageRank Matter?

I have not bothered to maintain a website for a long time, so I have never seen how important PageRank is. For a long time I though that as long as you have good content, one can become successful. But now that I have run this blog for the last couple of months, I am starting to see the importance of this computer generated number. A few days ago, my blog was finally assigned its first page rank of 4, which is quite good for a new website. I did not think that this would have made much difference, other than I could take part in higher paying PayPerPost opportunities, but I was very very wrong.

In the last few days, the traffic to this blog just started to soar. In the last few days I have been getting over a thousand page views per day, which is almost double what I was getting before. Now how do I know that this increase is thank to Page Rank? Well I decided to check the Google Analytics software to see where the visitors were comming in from and that was quite easy. Just see for yourself:


This is a screenshot of the visitors coming from different search engines, especially Google’s. As you probably noticed, the incoming traffic from them spiked in the last few days, which is just following the PR update. This is because PR is used to calculate whether your site will be displayed first for a specific search, and the higher PR you have the sooner a searcher will see your site. I am currently ranked as number 1 result for many different queries about Dark_Alex’s PSP Custom Firmware, thanks to my guides. And there are a lot of people that are interested in modding their PSPs to play homebrew games!


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  1. vikas / Mar 19 2009

    Building page rank takes time but seeing its result is more fruitful then any other thing is this world

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