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Nov 10 / kkrizka

Applying the 3.71 M33#3 Patch

Yesterday I blogged about the latest releases in the world of PSP firmwares, and I mentioned that Dark_Alex has released another patch (number 3) to the 3.71 M33 custom firmware for the PSP. The patch mostly fixes bugs, but it also adds a new popsloader. Popsloader is a plugin that allows you to play your PS1 games without the need for a PS3 console. I will not be going into detail on how to use this feature, because I do not own any PS1 games. However if you suggest any good ones, I will give them a try. 😉

As a bonus, I packaged the newly released Custom Firmware Extender version 1.9, which is my favorite plugin for the PSP. It allows me to take in-game screenshots, which I use in my reviews. The latest release also adds support for launching your backed up ISO games over a WiFi connection, and adds improved help dialog. Read on to learn how to install this cool plugin along with 3.71 M33#3 custom firmware!



  1. Connect your PSP to your computer via USB
  2. Copy all files from the package to the root of the memory stick
  3. Disconnect the PSP
  4. Navigate to the Memory Stick section of the Game tab in the XMB
  5. Select the 3.71 M33#3 application and run it
  6. Press X when asked to do so
  7. Wait for it to complete, it should take only a few seconds. Your PSP will be automatically restarted after this. You now have completed applying the 3.71 M33#3 patch.
  8. Enable the Custom Firmware Extender by going into the Recovery Menu.
  9. Fully poweroff your PSP by holding the power switch until the POWER light goes dark
  10. Hold the R button, and turn your PSP back on. You should be greeted by the Recovery Menu
  11. Navigate into the Plugins section, and enable every plugin by selecting it and pressing the X button
  12. Exit the Recovery Menu and press the Note and Volume Down button for the help dialog

If you come across any problems with this tutorial, I suggest you visit the urPSP forums and post your query there.


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  1. Gus / Nov 12 2007

    once again thanks for this great guide. just a couple of questions

    1. do i need to install 1.5 homebrew enabler once again???

    2. How can i play ISO games through WIFI with the 1.9 firmware extender??

    thanks for all of your help!!!

    cheers from Guatemala!!!

  2. Gus / Nov 12 2007

    or how can i play ISO games through USB????
    cannot figure out readme instructions.

    To use usbhost iso streaming : after executing usbhostfs_pc on the computer, type “Note + L” on the psp. Note that you must create a folder ISO where you launch usbhostfs_pc and put your isos inside.

    plsss help!!!!!

    • Karol Krizka / Nov 13 2007

      I have not used USB redirection before, but I might give it try over the next weekend. I will blog about it when I do.

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