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Nov 10 / kkrizka

Gobble-Up The Savings at

As I mentioned earlier, I am a big fan of great bargains and I monitor NCIX‘s website every week to see what new deals they have come up with. The latest deal is called Gobble-Up The Savings, and it runs until November 20th. There are a few items on sale that every geek should have in his house. Also one should note that NCIX offers the new ASUS Eee PC for $400 CAD, but it is not currently on sale. Check out the official website for a quick demonstration of this tiny laptop.

The following is a list of what I find interesting, but there are many more items on sale.

Kingston Data Traveler 2GB USB2.0 Flash Drive – I have purchased this USB memory stick last time it was on sale, and I did not have any trouble with it. More over it costs only $20, which is a great price for a 2GB stick. I remember that the same stick was on sale at BestBuy, but cost twice as much!

ASUS WL-138G-V2 Wireless G Network Adapter PCI Card 802.11G 54MBPS – Connecting your computer by a wireless connection is always great, because it removes one cable from that mess under your desk. I use the Belkin USB wireless adapter, because it allows me to use it on many computers easily. However it cost me $60, which is three times as much as you have to pay for this ASUS PCI wireless adapter.

Belkin F5D7230-4 Wireless Router 802.11G/B 54MBPS 2.4GHZ 4PT 10/100 W/ Firewall – If you buy the wireless adapter, then you also need a wireless router. Luckily NCIX is also offering one for $30 (down from $45). This is a simple router that might not have all those fancy features that you find in the $100 LinkSyS routers, but that is why they cost $100. This router is perfect for any average home.

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