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Nov 10 / kkrizka

Zorka The Schnauzer

I have realized that I have not blogged about my dog, Zorka, yet. She is a standard schnauzer that we have gotten her from the only schnauzer breeder in Vancouver when she was a puppy, and she has lived with us ever since for the last two years. She still goes to visit her parents every now and then when she goes for a haircut. Over the last years, she has attended different doggy classes such as agility and obedience. Agility is her biggest strength, because she is very energetic and likes to run around. Moreover she is quite smart, but has a bit of the attitude problem. For example, she still likes to sleep on the big bed instead on her own dog bed. But when good treats are involved, she will do anything to get it. Some of the more fun tricks she can perform are roll over, spin and “beg” by leaning on her back paws. However Zorka does not like to eat the standard dry dog food, even if you mix in some good sauce. I guess that’s where her smartness comes in handy, because she knows how to lick out all the good stuff without touching the dry food. Well, I guess that does it for an introduction. You can see her pictures below.


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