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Nov 11 / kkrizka

Freakout Extreme Freeride for PSP (with Screenshots)

The latest game that I have been playing on my PSP is called Freakout Extreme Freeride. The idea behind it is that you are a extreme skier in the high mountains, and you are asked to perform tricks to complete different challenges. There are many more additional features, such as the possibility of buying new equipment for your character, but I did not have the time to explore these possibilities. I have been too into the actual skying. Even though there are few glitches in the game that might make it annoying at times, the game-play is very good overall.


The challenges are quite hard, but not impossible to pass. I find that I have to do a run several times before I fully pass an objective, because I tend to make mistakes just at the end (like forgetting to land on my feet after doing multiple flips in the air). However this does not put me off or annoy me at all. Instead I am eager to try it again, believing that I will succeed this time. The only challenges I hate doing are the “Bone” challenges, where the objective is to collect 5 or more starts. The problem is that it is hard to spot where the next star is, so most of the time I have no idea where to go next. My favorite challenges are the “Jump” challenges where I have to jump off a hill and gain a specified number of points. These are very fun, because there is a lot of maneuverability. I find that doing a back flip (or forward flip) is the best way to jack up my score. The only negative thing about the game and this challenge is that the number of basic moves is limited to two: crossing your skies or touching them with your hands. Most of the points comes from spinning and flipping and landing on a rail (which you can skid on 😉 ).

There are a few annoying problems in the game that can get in your way from time to time. For example, the distance that you can see is too limited so you cannot plan your path ahead of the time. You do not know where the next challenge is, or if there is a jump at the end of the track. Also the endpoint for the race challenges is not highlighted in any way, so you do not have any idea where to go. Next the graphical subsystem is not too good, as the character gets stuck in rocks so you cannot see him. It takes quite a lot of random maneuvering before you can continue. Finally there is no way to look around when you have stopped. This means that there is not way to spot where the next start is in the before mentioned Bone challenge. Instead you have to repeat it several times before you figure out the complete path.


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