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Nov 12 / kkrizka

Easy To Find Printer Cartridges

One of the biggest problems with printers is that the ink runs out, and you have to figure out what cartridge to get or where to buy it. That is where the focus of this sponsored post, Cartridge Finder, comes in.

Catridge Finder is an online tool to help you locate the right new printer cartridge for your printer for the right price with its easy-to-use simple interface. This is quite suprising, because of of these tools have a lot of clutter, lot of “SEO text” and a lot of ads, but not so with Catridge Finder. Right from the beginning, it helps you locate your printer by first letting you choose the manufacturer, then the series and finally the model. All this is accompanied by pictures, so if you are not sure of the printer name, at least you should know how it looks like.

Moreover there are no ads anywhere on the site, so you only see revelant information. I believe the only way they make any revenue is through PriceGrabber, which is to your advantage. You can find out what stores carry the required cartridge and where it is the cheapest. The only improvement that could be made, is that this information could be displayed along with the printer instead of requireing the user to navigate to a new page.

This looks like a great site for any printer owner, and I wish the creator of it a lot of luck! I believe the simplicity of it will make it a big success.

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