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Nov 13 / kkrizka

Recycle Your Old Computer and Help The Environment

I’m always surprised how much old monitors and other old hardware I see thrown out by the sidewalk, with someone hoping that the garbage truck will pick it up. While that might work for your standard garbage – there isn’t much that you can do to dispose of plastic – this is very bad for electronics, because a lot of parts can be salvaged from them. For example, did you know that your processor contains tiny bits of gold that can be easily melted off and reused? Next time you get a new computer, think about how you will dispose of your old machine. By disposing of it in a proper way, you can help the environment by lowering the amount of garbage that we hope will just decompose on an overflowing dump.

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  1. Dan Anton / Nov 13 2007

    Very true…not much more effort to recycle these things, plus it’s doing good for the environment

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