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Nov 16 / kkrizka

Custom Firmware 3.72 HX-2 Released

It seems that PSP hacker _HellDashX_ is serious about his custom firmware for the PSP. Ever since his first release of the custom firmware based on the official SONY 3.72 firmware and Dark_Alex’s M33 custom firmware, he has been working hard and today he announced another release. This second patch includes changes that bring the HX code up to speed with most of features in M33, and fix a few bugs. The following is the complete changelog:

  • Contains the latest 3.71 M33-3 changes.
  • The file vshctrl.prx IS NOT the one from Dark_AleX,It’s coded by me after reversing it 100 .
  • The exported functions from the vshctrl.prx are the same like the 3.71 M33-3 SDK,plus two more:
    • int vctrlVSHEraseIsoCache(con st char path) -> Lets you erase the cache from an iso created by the CF.
    • If the parameter is empty “”,it will erase the whole cache,not just from one iso.
  • The iso cache will not be created in the memorystick. It will be in the flash1.I made this function to test stuff faster.Gives a 0 if it deletes correctly else it will give -1.
  • int vctrlVSHMakeCFDirs() -> Lets you create the custom firmware directories,in case you dont have them(GAME150,GAME372…) in the memstick.Good if you have a pandora memstick and cant format the ms but dont want to create all directories by hand.
  • Only one vshctrl.prx for both psp models.In 3.71 M33-3 and others there was a vshctrl for the fat and an other one for the slim because they have slight changes.This new vshctrl will detect if you got SLIM or FAT.
  • Other non important changes in the code.

I will not be writing an upgrade guide for this firmware, as I do with the M33 firmwares, because I will not be using it. However, if you are interested in in the HX custom firmware, you can download the HX-2 patch from QJ.Net.

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