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Nov 17 / kkrizka

How To Add AdSense to PayPerPost Sponsored Posts

Recently I have been writing a lot of sponsored posts to boost the income for this blog, which can contribute a significant amount after you get an ok PageRank. But I am not allowed to put any other ad blocks on those posts as dictated by the PayPerPost policy, as I mentioned in my post about common PPP mistakes. I think that this rule is perfectly sensible, because extra ad blocks would just distract the visitor from the company that is actually paying a fee for that post, and I even created a WordPress plugin that allowed me to disable Kontera ads on per post basis. However it is sad to see one potential source of income being unused. Well, not anymore because I found a way to get around this policy. Read on to learn how I mix AdSense ads and sponsored reviews.

The policy says that you are not allowed to place an ad right inside the content of your post, that is between the title and the comments. However you are still allowed to place advertisements outside of the content, like above the title and above the comments. To make this process easier, FeedBurner recently announced Google AdSense integration, which allows you to automatically place an AdSense block along with all your other “Flare” links at the bottom. Just login to your FeedBurner panel, and go to the Monetize tab to enable it.

After you do this, an adsense block will be displayed at the end of all your posts (not in feeds though) and will not interfere with your sponsored posts. This is quite useful, because the end of the post is one of the best places for an ad, since the reader is now finished and is wondering where to go next. This is especially true with review posts and context based advertisements. The reader will now see the alternatives to the company you reviewed, and he might be tempted to click the ad and check them out.

At the moment they only offer a few ad block formats, like the squares and no banners, so it might be a bit more complicated to fit into your WordPress theme. Hopefully over the next few weeks they will add even more formats to the mix.

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