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Nov 19 / kkrizka

First Snow of the Year 2007

This morning SFU students have witnessed the first snow in the Greater Vancouver district of 2007. It snowed quite heavily up here on Burnaby Mountain for the last few hours, but recently that turned into rain. Which is quite good, considering that it means the buses will be able get up here and take students back home, so no one will be stranded this year (hopefully 😉 )

Sadly I did not have my camera with me to take pictures of the scenery, but it was quite beautiful. Imagine listening to a lecture in a room that is surrounded by huge windows on all three sides (like the room I had my PHYS-125 lecture in this morning), and all you can see is the white outdoors.

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  1. Bontb / Nov 21 2007

    The thing is that it is weird here in iowa. We usualy get cold weather in October but just the other day it was 70F!!! And we are in mid November!…For the change 2 days later which is today the temperature dropped down to 30 and it start snowing !!!
    Global warming?

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