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Nov 20 / kkrizka

IDrive: Back-Up Your Data For Free

Once again I would like to remind you to back-up all your data, because you never know when your hard disk might crash. There are quite a lot of tools that make the job easier, but they require the users intervention to swap in the media that you are backing up your data to. This can get quite tedious in home situations, so that is why online backups are a very good choice. There are many companies that offer such services, but I suggest that you try out IDrive. Not only because they are sponsoring this post, but because of the features they offer and because of the price they offer them for.

There are two plans that IDrive offers for online backup. One plan costs $4.95/month, and it allows you to easily backup unlimited amount of data and encrypt it. You can then browse your entire history through their custom browser called IDrive-E. But there is one more plan that offers almost exactly same features, but is FREE. The only difference is that you are limited to 2GB of data, which is quite enough if you only backup your documents and pictures.

I will be trying out their free plan over the next couple of days to see how well I can me it work with GNU/Linux, so stay tuned in!

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