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Nov 20 / kkrizka

LovingHosting Passes Uptime With Flying Colors

Last week I switched to LovingHosting as the web host for all my projects, including this blog. To announce this event, I wrote a review comparing LovingHosting with FreeHostia (my previous host) to show their main differences. But now I am also found out about another difference: the uptime. LovingHosting seems to have a much higher uptime than FreeHostia, as shown by the report that arrived in my mailbox today.


As you can see, my blog has not been down at all during the last week. Compare this to some of the older sites that are hosted by 110mb and FreeHostia. Just to be fair, I do have to admit that the other two sites are using the free plans while this blog isn’t, but I can assure you that I saw similar patterns while I paid for blog hosting at FreeHostia.

This report was generated by FreeWebMonitoring, a service that I use to monitor the uptime of my web pages. I accidentally signed up for it when I submitted one of my sites to all search engines, and I used it ever since. Their reports are very clean and simple (as long as you disable images 😉 ), so you don’t have to learn all the fancy strategies and techniques for such a simple task. I am quite sure other, more professional, sites that offer the same service with more features, however FreeWebMonitoring gives me all the information that I would ever need and it is very easy to sign up: just type in your URL and your email. It is a very good tool for the amateur web master.


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  1. Bontb / Nov 21 2007

    By far best i like I have been with globat and their service sux :)

    Lunarpages offered more space more bandwith and I have never experienced any problems for past 2 years now. Also what i noticed is that pages come up faster then with any other hosting 😉

    By the way like your blog.

    • Karol Krizka / Nov 21 2007

      I think that LovingHosting still offers more features for a lower price, but I can’t comment on comparison of response time and uptime. :)

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