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Nov 21 / kkrizka

SWAT Target Liberty Screenshots

The PSP game that I have been playing over the last week is SWAT: Target Liberty. It is a isometric strategy game where you control a famous member of a fictional SWAT team called Wolfe, and you try to foil a group of Russian and Koreans that are trying to blow up a nuke in the New York. There is also a strategic component to the game, because you can control your team members by giving them different orders like “Mirror under the door” or “Breach and bang”. It is quite fun watching the SWAT guys kicking open the door, and throwing in a flashbang to disable the enemy inside the room.

However there are quite a lot of problems with the game that make it much less enjoyable. For example, the automatic panning isn’t too very good and you often do not see where you are going or if there is an enemy soldier there. Also the controls are a bit clumsy, and aiming requires you to quickly matching a button while holding down the L button, and then quickly letting go and shooting with the X button.


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