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Nov 24 / kkrizka

HoboWars – Fun Facebook App

I have recently found another way to waste time on Facebook, by playing the lite version of HoboWars. For those of you that don’t know, HoboWars is a an online  RPG game that lets you control a fictional homeless guy that tries to make a living by  beating up other homeless guys, bet on cart races, join gangs and own a rat as a pet. It also features a mobile interface, so you can play from your PSP. I used to play it quite some time ago, but the whole interface had a lot of features, and one had to develop a strategy to thrive. So I got bored, and stopped playing.

However the Facebook version of the game is much simpler, so it is not as complicated to play. It still contains the battle system, but no more betting and all the other ways to make money. More over, your hobo has the same name as the Facebook user controlling him, so the meaning behind a win against one of your friends is much more profound. I am already a level 7 hobo, and I’m  awaiting  new challengers. Just search for “Karol Krizka” in the battle menu, and hit the fight button if you are brave enough!hobo.jpg

You can also unlock many more features by becoming a “sponsor” of the game. For just $5 a month, your hobo will be allowed to make twice as many turns, you will have access to the chatroom, and finally you will be able to customize his look (otherwise you are just a hairy buy in briefs 😉 ). The sped up time makes the game much more enjoyable, because you do not have to wait several minutes to be able to make your turn.

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