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Nov 26 / kkrizka

TTZ Media Starts A Referral Program

John Chow has announced today that his advertising company, TTZ Media, now includes a referral program. For any new publishers that you refer, you will earn 10% on top of what they earn for the next 12 months. Moreover, for every referral you will get an extra entry into the contest for 22′ monitors that is being held to commedarate this event. You also get another entry just for signing up!

TTZ Media is a “shopping comparator” type of advertising, meaning that prices for different products from different stores will be displayed for the visitor to click on. However he does not have to purchase the product for you to get credit, instead you get paid on per click basis. This is quite good if you blog a lot about expensive items that many will not buy right of the bat. Moreover the per click rate is a flat 15 cents, and can increase if you reach a certain threshold. Finally the ad units load much faster than the WidgetBuck units (another PPC shopping comparator program), because they are not based on Flash. This is how the basic TTZ unit looks like:

I run the TTZ Media program on this blog, and it is a good source of income because I blog a lot about different gadgets, like the PSP console. Everytime I write a post about a game, a product or a new gadget, I just place a TTZ ad with specific keywords to show the visitor where to buy it. Inserting the ad units with custom keywords into posts is very easy with my TTZ Media Product Showcase plugin, which I have released just a few weeks ago.

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