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Nov 30 / kkrizka

A New Way To Steal Software

Software piracy, illegal downloading of propitiatory software, is very common in today’s world. That is why most companies are doing anything they can do to combat it; from online campaigns to court battles. But as they get newer methods to find the thieves, so do the pirates. The following video demonstrates a new way that people found to steal software without having their IP tracked. The solution is simple, instead of illegally downloading a cracked version just go directly into a store and copy the files from a demo computer to a hidden USB drive.

It does sound like a good idea for now. As long as you are not detected during your visit to the store, you won’t get caught. And even if you are found out, what can they do? The worst that can happen is that you will be kicked out of the store. But it is only a matter of time before the software giants will figure out a way to combat this, like creating special evaluation versions for stores. Or with the PC’s, one can just hide the computer under the desk to the USB port will not be accessible. I know this is impossible with the iMac used in the video, since the ports are on the monitor, but for anything else it will work just splendid.The only problem that I have with the method is that it is illegal to steal propitiatory software. Seriously, if you do not want to pay for “quality” applications, then don’t get them. You could easily try out the alternative open source software, which can be of equal if not greater quality! Why not check out the Ubuntu Linux distribution before you take another trip down to your local electronics store with a USB cable hanging out of your sleeve.

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