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Nov 30 / kkrizka

Sony PSP Firmware 3.73 Useless

A few days ago Sony has released a new update to the firmware running on their PlayStation Portable gaming console, with the following official change:

  • PSP software-only play in the UMD loading screen to stop the symptoms has been confirmed for the UMD drive to improve operating stability.

Needless to say, the update is virtually useless. There have been no other changes to the PSP and it is essentially the same as 3.72. So if you were considering updating, you might as well forget it. QJ.Net is also reporting that there have been no further unofficial changes, as Dark_Alex and Mathieulh examined the binary of the release. Due to this, there will most likely be no releases of a custom firmware based on this version. However if you are desperate for the fix made by Sony, _HellDashX_ has already backported it to his 3.72-HX firmware.

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  1. ghufranullah / Dec 24 2007

    YES KAROL,,,,
    U R right ,, i have updated to 3.73 and i see no changes.. its same like 3.72

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