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Dec 1 / kkrizka

My Recommended Feeds

Who says BlogRush is a scam and a useless widget? I think it is a very good tool, because it shows random posts from a network of blogs. This makes it a very good tool to find great new blogs and many interesting posts, like the one I stumbled across today. Thanks to Blog News Channel‘s announcement of Google Reader’s Recommended Feeds feature, I not know that it exists, and I can find find more blogs with content similar to what I usually read. Since I always start with the “latest news” page in Reader, then I would have never seen the official announcement on the home page.

The following is a list of feeds recommended to me:

How useful was the list of recommendations? To be honest, I have to say that I am a bit disappointed, because it displayed only big prominent blogs. I know they exist, and if I wanted to I would have already subscribed to them. What I am looking for is small blogs, like mine, that post similar content. Not the big guys, they get boring after a while. That is not to say the list was not accurate. Most of the blogs are very similar to ones that I am already subscribed to. Several of the recommendations are already in aKregator, my offline RSS reader.

So what feeds have been recommended to you?


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  1. Saptarshi / Dec 2 2007

    I didnt know about this feaure as well and thanks for pointing it out! My recommended feeds aren’t all the popular ones… Infact I hadn’t heard a few of them and found some interesting posts!!

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