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Dec 3 / kkrizka

All I Want For Christmas

Are you disappointed about the presents that you found under your Christmas tree last year? And are you expecting the same this year? Well, weep no longer because is running a new contest to promote their site and join in the spirit of Christmas. They are taking advantage of PayPerPost and sponsored posts to promote the All I want for Christmas Giveaway, so that is why I am writing this post. The rules for the contest are simple, just go to their registration page and enter your contact information. You will also be asked to pick an item worth up to $1000 from their site. And if you win the daily draw, you will have that item delivered to your doorsteps for Christmas! However one lucky contestant will win a gift card worth $5000 dollars, and that is quite a lot of mooney. The contest offer does not stop there! You can also invite up to 5 friends, who will win if you win. This means that not only your Christmas wish will go unfulfilled. I have been looking through their catalog, and they have quite a lot of cheap quality items you could get for that money. Not only there are a lot of sub $1000 laptops, but also a lot of accessories and games for the PlayStation Portable. However sadly I was not able to find the console itself…

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