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Dec 3 / kkrizka

Maxim Pinall: Sexy PSP Game

Most marketers are familiar with the slogan that “sex sells”, and try to apply it to any kind of product they can think of. The PSP market is no exception, and “sexy women” have been put into commercials for many games. However there have not been games that actually focus on erotic images. A few months ago, a company tried to release a pool game called Pocket Pool, that had a bunch of strippers playing billiards. That didn’t go too well, but another company is trying again.

This time it is Maxim, the semi-erotic magazine that features scantly clad women on it’s front page. They are looking for a publisher to work on a new game called “Maxim Pinball” that is billed as following:

“MAXIM PINBALL for the Sony PSP[TM] is a pick-up-and-play pinball title featuring the kind of content expected from any product bearing the Maxim name: babes, sports, gadgets, fantasies … whatever fits the lifestyle interests of today’s young adult male.”

My prediction? It will flop just like Pocket Pool. Gamers want to play good original games. No one will shell out $20-40 for a pinball game just because it has a babe in a bikini in the background. Since pinball is such a simple game, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are many homebrew implementations available that available for download for free. Seriously, companies should focus on new original games that are fun to play, instead of creating junk that has the same content as a magazine that is much cheaper.

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