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Dec 4 / kkrizka

How To Download Games For The PSP

I keep getting a lot of emails from people who just bought a PSP asking me to tell them how to play the game ISOs they downloaded for free from the internet. Since the topic is so popular, I decided that I will blog about it. Hopefully this will save me a lot of typing in the future. First of all, don’t uses PSP Blender. This service is a scam, because they only offer torrents to actual games. This, of course, is illegal in most countries and available for free from other search engines. Also you need to run the custom firmware, as shown by the fact that I get a lot of traffic from PSP Blender to my CFW tutorials. The rest of this post will outline how to get the professional PSP games to run on the official firmware.

You can download games for the PSP, and all you need is a memory stick to hold the games. Just go to the online PSP store, pick your game and click download. Of course since it was launched only recently, the selection isn’t very great. So far it contains mostly game demos (which are a free download!) and a few new games. But the store should be expanded in the future, and it should provide a great way to get new games without having to leave your house.

What, did you think I would tell you how to get the games that you have to pay for in the store for free? Of course not! That is illegal, so please stop badgering me with questions about it!


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  1. Lee / Jun 28 2008

    Awesome post, have been looking to do this for quite some time now. Thanks!

    Fashion Games

  2. Merapu / Nov 20 2008

    even if it is only demo that u can download fro free, I still think it is good. at least u can try it out before u buy. games are expensive

    anyway, i cud not open the link.

  3. karlernest / Dec 9 2008

    hey why is it that while I am playing my psp and it suddenly stops and turns off?

  4. TRang Tran / Jan 2 2009

    I subscribed to pspblender is there anyway to get my money back?

  5. zhe / Mar 8 2009

    same with karlemest, mine has d same problems for certain games

  6. david / May 13 2009

    what folder do you put downloaded psp games into

  7. david / May 13 2009

    what folder do i put downloaded psp games into

  8. liliana / Sep 5 2009

    hello dear Karol Krizka

    i got a psp and currently has 3.80 kernel,i would like to read files (word and pdf´s)
    i can find software in the net con you recommend me any if exist.

    thanks and hope ear you soon


  9. kathysetker / Dec 24 2009

    Hi guys.

    Are there any good alternatives to rapidshare?
    I mean sites where you don’t have to wait or pay.
    I only know isavethis.
    What about hotfile? I heard they also pay.

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