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Dec 4 / kkrizka

MIT Courses For High School Students

If only MIT started this program last year, I would have been very happy. The prestigious school is putting lectures and other course material aimed at high school students online. So far they have uploaded information on AP level physics, calculus and biology. This can be a great resource for you, if you are a student hoping to take one of the Advanced Placement exams in the future. I believe that MIT is hoping to extend the content to include many more topics too, with the computer science section currently being planned.

However the online MIT courses website can be of interest to more than high school students. The catalog contains resources such as lab-like lectures that allow the reader to experience everything first hand. The electronics lab looks mighty interesting, but one should not miss out on the robotics course. But what interested me the most is the Introduction to Modern Physics course. It provides basic material about the cool discoveries being made in the last century, including Einstein’s special and general relativities, and Maxwell’s equations.

There are also a few sections that are not part of any high school curriculum, and allow the student to experience material beyond the classroom. These include multivariable calculus, linear algebra and an introduction to digital systems.

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