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Dec 9 / kkrizka

Installing Custom Firmwares On 3.73 PSP’s

I receive a lot of questions asking me about if they can install one of the custom firmwares directly from the official SONY firmwares using one of my guides. I always reply with the same answer, so I think it is about time that I made it into a blog post. The following tip will tell you about your options if you upgraded to firmware 3.73 before realizing what you have done.

Lets get one thing straight first: you cannot directly install any custom firmware on the official SONY firmwares higher than 1.50. This means that you have to downgrade your PSP to 1.50 before you can run any of the installation programs. For certain firmware versions below 3.03, you can directly use a glitch in GTA: Liberty City Stories to downgrade. However for firmwares above 3.03, there is no such way. Instead you have to use something called Pandora’s Battery. This is a modified PSP battery that allows you to boot any code on any PSP, including the programs that will downgrade your PSP. The process is quite long and complicated, so I will not be writing a guide on this blog. However there are many good ones that come up from a simple Google search.

You don’t have a friend with a PSP that has custom firmware? Well, all hope is not lost. First of all you can check out the DarkMessiah list to find out if there is someone in your are willing to mod your PSP for your for free. And second, here is a way to physically modify the battery and make it act as a Pandora’s Battery. However it requires you to crack open the battery, and place a pin between two connectors. Some guides that describe this process are here:


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  1. ghufranullah / Dec 16 2007

    MY PSP IS 3.73.i want to use cfw3.73 hx
    its giving the error “80020148” what does it means…………… plz help

    • shahzad / Nov 25 2011

      My psp is 3.73..
      who u solve it.
      plz tell me

  2. Karol Krizka / Dec 16 2007

    What exactly are you doing? Following one of the Pandora’s Battery guides?

  3. ghufranullah / Dec 18 2007

    BY GHUFRANULLAH,,,,,,,,,
    Pandora Battery needs psp running any custom firmware but my psp have NO CUSTOM FIRMWARE. My psp is 3.73.Karol please help…………..

    • Karol Krizka / Dec 18 2007

      See the second list of guides that you use if your friend doesn’t have a PSP. I guess that I didn’t make it clear enough that it means if your friends does not have a custom firmware PSP. Edited now.

  4. Shiros / Jan 25 2008

    kriza..first of all your site been pretty helpful.. i wanted to know one thing…. after using the pandora battery and downgrading to cfw 1.5, how do i upgrade to 3.71 m33????
    reply please….

    • Karol Krizka / Jan 25 2008

      You first need to install the 3.52M33, then apply the patch #4 (or 3). After that you are able to go directly to 3.71 or 3.80M33.

      Hope that helps. :)

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