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Dec 9 / kkrizka

Rumored PSP OFW 4.00 Change Log

Just a few hours after I made my wishlist for the upcoming PSP firmware version 4.00, psp4lyf has managed to obtain the actual romoured change log and started another thread over at the PSPMod forums. His original source is the ConsoleSpot Network forums, whose source is “some psp people who work closely with team C+D and DAX”. The validity such a long chain should be taken with a grain of salt, so it is possible that there will be other features or no 4.00 at all! But to calm the conspiracy theoriests, there is a picture of a PSP screen with the update installer. Of course, such an installer icon is easy to create, so it is very probably that this is a fake

I am posting the rumored change log, because it is an interesting list of features that could be added to the PSP. I do not believe that it is the real change log, so I am only treating it as another wishlist. It only contains one feature that I want, Flash 9 support. Judging from what I seen so far, that is the most requested new feature. Hopefully Sony is aware of it too, so I think that it is very likely to be included in 4.00. Also it adds support for Real Media and QuickTime media files, both of which are properiaty codecs. I think they would be a great addition to the video media player, but I think for music files OGG would be a much better choice.


  • PLAYSTATION 3 Network titles can be played under PSP [Remote Play] under Game. The PSP is then used as a monitor for any game playable in Playstation 3 game console.


  • Real, Quicktime, and WMV audio and video codecs are now supported.
  • [Shockwave Player]has been added as a feature.
  • PSP web browser has been updated to allow compatibility with current websites.
  • [Adobe Flash Player 9] has been added as a feature, using the Memory Stick Pro Duo as flash memory.
  • [Remote Play] has been improved by the PS3 outputting 1080p to the PSP with larger icons text and better video quality. Remote Play now transmits at 11 mbps per sec.
  • 802.11g support has been added as a feature.
  • PSOne games can now be downloaded without a PS3
  • Level 6 has been added to rate in Sony LocationFree Player to improve picture quality in H.264
  • [Auto Connect] has been added as a feature


  • More visuals has been added as a feature.


  • Real, QuickTime, and WMV audio and video codecs are now supported.
  • RSS [Video Streaming] has been added as a feature.
  • [Color Configuration] has been added as a feature.
  • Recording has been added as a feature under Audio and Video RSS Streaming.


  • Copy, Command, Paste, Auto Complete, and Advanced Cookie Management has been added as a feature.


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  1. Legendary / Mar 27 2008

    WTF the card in a psp is 802.11B you cant make it a 802.11G with firmware updates.

    • Karol Krizka / Mar 27 2008

      There have been rumors that the PSP already contains the required hardware for the G protocol, but Sony disabled it to conserve battery life just like with the 333Hz CPU. So we just have to wait and see…. :)

  2. Abd / Jun 18 2008

    PSP 4.00 is out and is terrible. YOu can update by going to network settings, update in PSP

    • Karol Krizka / Jun 19 2008

      Hey, 4.00 is best! You can now slow down movies and search from the XMB!! What else do you want??!?! Lol

  3. Roynoris / Jun 30 2008

    need help to updating psp

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