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Dec 12 / kkrizka

Applying the 3.71 M33#4 Patch (Improved popsloader)

Dark_Alex has just released an update to his custom firmware for the PSP. The patch #4 for 3.71 M33 includes changes that improve support for playing PS1 games on your PSP, even the ones that require multiple disks. There are no other major changes, so there is no need for you to quickly update, if you do not play any PS1 games. However I am still including a simple installation guide for those of you who enjoy playing the classics. If you have any PS1 games to suggest, why not leave a comment with the name? :)



  1. Connect your PSP to your computer via USB
  2. Copy seplugins directory to the root of the memory stick
  3. Copy UPDATE directory into the PSP/GAME folder on your memory stick
  4. Disconnect the PSP
  5. Navigate to the Memory Stick section of the Game tab in the XMB
  6. Select the 3.71 M33-4 application and run it
  7. Press X when asked to do so
  8. Wait for it to complete, it should take only a few seconds. Your PSP will be automatically restarted after this.
  9. You now have completed applying the 3.71 M33#4 patch.


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  1. JJ / Dec 13 2007

    does this apply the previous patches in addition to the newest fixes? Or should I load patches 1,2,3,then 4?

  2. RaZieLe / Dec 14 2007

    Hello Sir!!

    Sorry but i’m a newbie in PSP Firmware Upgrading or Downgrading. But could someone help me please??

    Here is my case:

    I have an old PSP type Fat . Version 3.52 ( I think its the OFFICIAL SONY VERSION )

    Then i wanted to update it to v. 3.71 m33-3..
    and i read your tut that i need an 3.52 m33-3 or higher version to do it…

    any instructions or suggestions to upgrade OFFICIAL SONY 3.52 to 3.52 m33-4??

    I acknowledge you site with greatness!!


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