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Dec 12 / kkrizka

PSP Firmware 3.80 Comming in December

We might not be getting the rumored PSP 4.00 firmware from SONY this winter, but at least there will be 3.80 release on December 18th. This update lists quite a lot of changes, as opposed to the other last few releases, which means that team M33 might decided to update their custom firmware again. One of the new features that I am looking forward to is support for Internet Radio. While this has been supported by the homebrew community for some time, it is nice to have it embedded in the official firmware. The only problem that I see is that you have to be near an wireless access point to use this feature, which means you cannot be listening to the radio while you are traveling. The best addition would be AM/FM radio functionality, but that cannot be done without hardware modifications to the handheld.

  • One-segment broadcasting recordings (PSP-2000 only): New PSP (PSP-2000) Series is compatible with the one-segment broadcasting videotaped them. Also, one-segment broadcasting program can be obtained from the table according to the information recorded on reservations. Recordings show the Memory Stick Duo stored in the to play.
  • Internet radio to listen to audio content on the Internet to deliver services that it is possible to listen to Internet radio.
  • ThePlayStation Spot at “BB Mobile Point”, launched: PSP for wallpaper and games such as a free trial version can be downloaded “PlayStation & regSpot” is about 3,500 districts nationwide. “BB Mobile Point” to be able to enjoy the service, the PlayStation & regSpot at “BB Mobile Point “, resp. The service access BB Mobile Point area in the [network] “& PlayStation regSpot” icon by simply pressing the SSID / WEP key and ID / password without having easy access. In Dec. 18, 2007 service at the start of the delivery of content is scheduled for the following:
    • Zarzal blitz (Trial version of the wallpaper)
    • Anywhere with – Let’s school! (Trials, wallpaper, a promotional video)
    • LocoRoco (Trial version of the wallpaper)
    • Brave habit to actual trendy (Trials)
  • Video: Scene by scene in search of a preview to be able to.
  • Network:
    • RSS channels opml file. Opml file ingest, in opml file that is stored on multiple channels, PSP at once registered.
    • Photo (still picture) corresponding to an RSS feed. Channel registered to receive data from a Web page and the image to play.


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  1. Steven / Dec 12 2007

    Hi Karol. Thanks for the comment. I have replied. I want to choose between two games for the PSP; should i get Syphon Filter Logan’s Shadow or Socom US FTB 2 with headset? Reply on my blog please because i don’t want to subscribe to the comments.

  2. Steven / Dec 12 2007

    Hi Karol. My reply is at my blog. (No, I’m not trying to get you to visit so that I get pageviews. I don’t have any ads anyway.

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